Sunday, 2 July 2017

Lupicia Tea Marche 2017

Last week, I traveled all the way back to Fukuoka for the Lupicia Tea Marche! (To be honest I didn't really need much of a reason) I really enjoyed last year's marche and since I'm doing a tea exchange right now, I thought it the tea fair would be a good excuse to get all the teas I needed to buy in one place.

This year, the door gift was a packet of tea cookies and two tea coasters. Since last year's gift were those tea clips (and you can get something similar at IKEA), I liked that they gave out something different this year.

Much like last year, the corner right next to the entrance is where all the limited edition teas are! If you don't get to travel much, this is the place to get all the limited edition teas within Japan and from overseas without having to actually travel to the place.

I'm totally loving the different can designs!

I really just enjoyed walking around and looking at the various booths.

I also really liked how they used Japanese tea to form the shape of Japan!

Like last year, the Lupicia Milk Tea was present (I've been in love with the tea since I found it last year, but I don't buy it enough because I do need to drink the teas I have right now). This year, though, they have this little promotion going on. Take a picture with the giant cutout of the tea...

... and get a free gift! It's actually a little cooler bag made for the tea so I guess it's an excuse to buy the tea the next time I see it(:

And of course I tried lots of teas, like chai.

I was really tempted by JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING at the fair but I tried to keep focused on tea and my lunch. I mean, I was slightly more prepared than last year (aka I brought more money) but I really shouldn't spend everything I have in one day.


(But I do live fairly near to several pottery places so I can always look for mug cups there. I did get a pot though.)

There was a band too!

And this year, I decided to eat lunch here! I wanted to get the tea cocktail as well, but I completely forgot about it until after I left the place.

I didn't know what to get so I just got the two dishes that the staff recommended(:

You basically have to buy the coupons for the food first and that serves as a handy reminder as to the names of what I ordered since I didn't want to have to zoom in to the previous picture. Basically, I got:

- Hokkaido Chicken Fricassee
- Cream Tea set (with Peach Oolong tea)

The chicken fricassee is basically just stew. It would be ordinary but I really like the cream cheese in it! I don't know if it's part of the recipe but I'm totally doing this the next time I make something similar!

The cream tea set was pretty good too! I still prefer the scones at Afternoon Tea, but the clotted cream and tea honey were really good! I really, really loved the tea honey and was sooooo tempted to get it but I don't really eat honey on a regular basis so I ended up passing on it (also I didn't know what flavour to get).

In the end, I bought so much that I qualified for the highest gift tier (basically if you buy over a certain amount, you get a free gift and there are a few tiers). There were three options: tea + tea bag, two cans of teas, and a book and I ended up getting the book. Plus they gave me a set of teas anyway.

This year's tea fair was largely like the previous one that I attended. But if you're a fan of tea, I think you'll enjoy it because it's a good chance to see (and buy) a bunch of different teas and tea-related goods at once. I don't think that you can ask for much more than that(:

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