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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Oreo & Hershey's Sweets Taste Test

I was at the supermarket last week when I remembered that Oreo has released a line of sweets. It's supposed to be only available this summer, so I decided to look for it and I found that Hershey's released a line of sweets as well!

And because my willpower for sweets is practically non-existent, I bought everything that I wanted to try and spent last week constantly snacking.

And I figured that since I was eating, I might as well make notes and share them, in case you're like me and want to try the sweets but have more willpower and will only get one or two.

1. Oreo cake (130 yen)

I liked how this looked because it promised to be an oreo in cake form. Well, it was pretty good, but it wasn't amazing. I couldn't really taste the oreo filling in most of the cream - the only time I tasted oreo was in the crushed oreo bits in the center of the cake.

Hershey Cookie & Cream Sand (130 yen)

Yes, this is called a "sand", I'm guessing it stands for sandwhich? This reminded me of dorayaki and the cake part was really fragrant and delicious. Unfortunately, that meant that it overpowered the cream and I didn't taste Hershey's cookies and cream in this.

Crepes - Hershey (140 yen) and Oreo (130 yen)

Since there were two of these, I ate them at the same time. The pastry for both of them was nothing to shout about, but the Oreo crepe tasted a lot like the Oreo cookie (at least way more than the cake) and I found that I really liked it.

The Hershey's crepe, on the other hand, made me worry that I have forgotten the taste of Hershey's cookies and cream despite that being a huge treat for me when I was young. It was nice, but the taste of the crepe was stronger than the taste of the cream and it reminded me of the cake in the Hershey's Cookies and Cream Sand.

Eclair - Hershey (130 yen) and Oreo (120 yen)

front: Hershey's. back: Oreo

And another two sweets that I ate in together because I couldn't decide which to eat first (and ended up alternating bites). The eclair is my favourite of the Hershey's sweets and I even preferred this to the Oreo version. The cream here was nice and strong and I finally tasted the cookies and cream. Too bad the pastry was only so-so.

The Oreo eclair definitely looks better (or maybe I'm just a sucker for things with something crumbled on top) than the Hershey's one. As with its Hershey's counterpart, I liked this best of all the Oreo sweets that I tried, probably because the taste was the strongest. And like the Hershey's version, the pastry was only so-so.

If you're only going to buy one sweet, you should definitely get the eclairs.

Also now I need to start eating healthy (until I see the next limited edition sweet).

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