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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Free eBook on Studying in Japan under MEXT

Hey everyone!

I mentioned a while back that I was thinking of collecting all the posts about MEXT and studying in Japan into an ebook and I actually did it! It's about 107 pages of all the MEXT and studying in Japan-related posts, so I hope it's helpful.

There isn't a lot of new content (which is why I'm not charging any money for it), but I've taken out a lot of unnecessary details that were in the original posts so hopefully this guide is helpful and goes right to the point (for about 100 pages. I really, really tried to keep it simple but...)

In the PDF, I cover topics like:
- How I applied for MEXT
- The dorm rooms for TUFS and Osaka (thank you Devangi for allowing me to use your post)
- How I found an apartment/moved
- and basically anything that I thought you might find useful

And because there are quite a lot of pictures in it, I've decided to just uploaded it as a PDF. If I ever find an easy way to make an ePub without a huge file size (or how to make a no-picture version), I'll upload that too, but for now it's just PDF.

You can get the PDF by signing up using the following form or clicking on this link. I'm curious about how many people will download it, so I'm just making a list. If you get more than 1 email (that one email being the one with the PDF), that means that I've either updated the book and wanted to send the newest file to you, or I wrote something related to Japan that I hope you like. Either way, I probably won't be emailing often (if ever) so there's absolutely no worry that I will spam you.

Get the PDF!

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