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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Time for Me to Go Home

Hey everyone,

I've got a fairly big announcement but I think everyone that read the title already knows what it is.

After five and a half years in Japan, it's finally time for me to go home. It's not because of Japanese society or my job or anything — I've got some family stuff going on (plus homesickness) that made me decide that it's time to go back.

I feel like posts like these are supposed to be long heartfelt announcements, but this is all I've got to say for now. I will be focusing on finishing my job well and preparing to move back to Singapore (and travel a little, in the meantime) and of course, I'll be sharing as much as I can in case it's helpful to anyone. Beyond that, I haven't really thought about it, though I suppose there's no need for this blog to exist once I'm back in Singapore (it's on blogger so I won't take it down, but I probably won't update it much/anymore).

And with that done, let's go back to regular programming - next post is a long-delayed one on fruit picking! (Or am I the only one interested in things like that :p)

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