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Friday, 20 October 2017

Our Accommodation in Okinawa

Over the course of the week that we were in Okinawa, my sister and I stayed in about three different places - two in Naha and one in Onna. If you want the rest of the posts for this trip, click here to go to the master post.  My sister actually booked two of the three places, so credit goes to her for finding them.

Airbnb near Kenchomae (link leads to the listing)
Price: 4314 yen per night for one person.
Stay: 1 Night
Payment Method: Credit Card

This was where I stayed in on my first night. My sister only came the next day, so this is basically for one person. Located about 10 minutes from the Kenchomae monorail station (and hence about 10 minutes from one end of Kokusaidori), this apartment was very clean and comfortable.

First look:

View from the other side:

The bathroom and shower area are shared and is located outside the room. But they were both very clean and I had no problems sharing with the other residents on the floor. The room has all the necessities - aircon, bed, kettle, hairdryer, desk and chair, and cupboard. It's also very spacious, which I appreciated a lot.

Rika, the host, was also extremely responsive and very easy to talk to. She sent me detailed instructions (complete with pictures) on how to find and access the apartment the night before, so I had absolutely no problems locating the place.

If you're looking for a cheap place with privacy, I think this is a good option. The neighbourhood was quiet as well (I had no problems falling and staying asleep) and I had an extremely comfortable stay.

Asahi Guest House
Price: 1500 yen per night per person (paid upfront)
Stay: 3 Nights
Payment method: Cash

This was the cheapest of the three hotels but also the most conveniently located. It's literally in the middle of Kokusaidori, between the two monorail stations, so going out is very convenient. It's also next to Makishi market, very close to the Pork Tamago Onigiri store.

Of course, at this price comfort must be sacrificed a little. The rooms are dormitory style, and I got a top bunk (and found an insect, which freaked me out on the first day). Each bunk comes with a place to hang your clothes, some shelves, and one power outlet, so it was quite self-sufficient.

Everything is basically shared with the other residents, which is good if you're an extrovert. There is a fridge you can store your food in, and markers so that others won't take it. If, however, you use your hotel rooms for alone time, then this is not the place for you. There is also a lights-out rule from midnight onwards (to about 7am if my memory is right), so if you're a night owl, you may be a bit inconvenienced too.

Lastly, it seems like the aircon isn't turned on every night. We had it for two of the three nights, but on the third night, we ended up paying about 300 yen for 9 hours of aircon. It does seem like the aircon is switched on nightly during the worst of the summer months, so I guess you don't have to worry if you come during summer. (confession: my sister and I need to sleep in a cool environment. We honestly considered forfeiting our hotel fee and just finding a business hotel on the first night when it seemed like there might not be aircon).

This is for people who prioritise price and convenience over everything else. We did manage to make friends, so it turned out to be a good experience for us.

Pension Weekend
Price: 5000 per person per night (includes breakfast)
Stay: 3 Nights
Payment method: Cash

This place was recommended to us by the dive shop and we were really happy with it!

While this was the most expensive of the three accommodations, it was also the the most spacious and had the most amenities in the room. Apart from the bed, there's also a rack for clothes (and another one if you need it), a fridge, a television, desk and chair, and an attached bathroom.

 There was also a ladder leading to the loft, but I didn't explore that.

Breakfast was also provided every morning, and they drove my sister and I to the dive shop on the first day (I went along so that I knew where the location was). Breakfast alternates between Western and Japanese style:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
The couple that runs the place was very friendly and went out of their way to help my sister and I. We also found the place to be conveniently located - it was quite easy to drive to the various attractions around Onna, and there was a convenience store located about 10 minutes away on foot. We also managed to park our car here for free, so I would recommend you rent a car for the whole of your stay here.

And these are the three places that we stayed in on our trip! If you're planning a trip, I hope this was helpful(:

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