Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Turning 24 in a Chocolate Room

I interrupt the start of the Okinawa posts to do a belated recap of my birthday. This year, I stayed at the Chocolate Room in Hotel Amsterdam and I just have to share the pictures with you! This is a room that I've wanted to stay in the moment I saw it, and I decided that my birthday was as good a time as any. My cousin decided to come join me so I had a really fun time.

By the way, if you're visiting Huis ten Bosch in the three days before, on, or the three days after your birthday, you can get a birthday sticker which gives you a few perks at certain shops.

Hotel Amsterdam is located in the paid area of Huis ten Bosch, so make sure that you buy tickets for every day that you'll be inside! I.e. if you're staying a night, you need two days worth of tickets.

But there's no need to worry that you'll be spending a ton on tickets - the tickets for the day you check out is one of the privileges of staying the hotel (as long as you buy either an entrance ticket or 1 Day pass and are a paying guest - children sleeping for free (not paying for a bed) don't get this).

↑ Would anyone like to guess how many times I've said this for it to be the first thing I say about the hotel?

The lobby area! I really like that it feels very airy!

And our room! I was so excited just to see the door!

And the room!

The view from the other side.

All the cushions are little chocolates. There are regular pillows too, so these are more for decoration than actual use.

I also thought it was really cute that the chocolate bars on the walls referenced the hotel.

Everything in the room is chocolate-themed, so the furniture is either chocolate brown or a rich complementary red. The room is supposed to resemble the Count Chocolate's Mansion, which is one of the attractions in the park.

Even the switches look like chocolate!

They have chocolate shampoo and conditioner too, which smelled pretty good.

The vanity area.

Other side:

They had chocolate-shaped bath bombs and hand soaps as well. Plus the usual hotel soaps and toiletries.

Our stay came with two bars of chocolate as well, one for each person!

And because I stayed on my birthday, I got a birthday cake, plus early-check in and late check out.

The cake was good too!

Other foods we ate
We pretty much did non-stop eating for the entire day. We started with a sushi buffet at Kissuitei:

Apart from sushi, there are also other dishes like chawamushi, tempura, soups, desserts, etc. The tempura is prepared when you order so it's really fresh.

And everything was so good! Kissuitei is pretty expensive so this was a nice way to try their dishes without completely emptying my wallet. By the way, the meal starts with a plate of sushi that they bring to you so make sure you have a lot of room in your stomach.

We also had these really awesome potatoes with truffle sauce at the wine festival:

These were so good that we had them three times in two days! I also got a free slice of cheesecake here because it was my birthday.

And for supper, we had a drink. I chose the hot chocolate because it came with a marshmallow cat!

It came with free chocolate because it was my birthday.

And if you noticed the differently coloured glasses in the previous pictures, those are all the same drink! My cousin had this lighted up cocktail which looked incredibly pretty.

My birthday this year literally turned out to be very sweet and I'm so happy that I got to stay in the chocolate room before going back to Singapore. If you're looking for a unique place to stay and you love chocolate, I think you'll love this(:

(By the way I read over the post and it sounds SO promotional so I should just clarify that I paid full price for this, out of my own pocket. The only free things I received were the birthday perks that every birthday person receives.)

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