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Thursday, 28 December 2017

The End (For Now)

This is extremely belated but after five and a half years, my time in Japan is finally over.

As I was doing the Okinawa recap, I tried to think about what to do with this blog. I'm definitely not deleting it, but I highly doubt I can blog like before. So for now, I guess I'll just have to say goodbye. And I'm not good at goodbyes so this will be a fairly short post.

If I ever have something Japan-related to say (or if/when I go on a trip to Japan because I do intend to see my friends), I will definitely update this blog, but otherwise, there won't be any new posts.

Lastly (and perhaps more practically), I will be creating an additional section for the guidebook and emailing it to everyone who downloaded a copy when I'm done. It's basically going to be a guide for moving back based on my experiences.

For now, here's a to-do checklist that I made and used. I hope it helps if you're thinking of moving back:

- Break insurance (fairly easy, although be careful about the day of last payment)
- Sell car (I sold it back to the guy I bought it from so that was very convenient)

- Inform housing agent and pay the penalty fees.
- Hire a moving company and Pack (If you're going with Yamato Transport, like I did, then you should budget time for them to deliver the materials to you. I'm not sure how long other companies take)
- Break the internet contract (the most complicated since I had to liase with my housing agent as well)
- Stop the water
- Stop the gas
- Stop the electricity
Note: You will either need to have cash on hand or be around for a few days to make the last payment.
- Set up mail forwarding if you have an address to forward mail to.

Job & Other legal stuff
- Inform Immigration that I've left my job
- Inform prefectural government that I'm leaving and close all related accounts (insurance, pension, etc). The specific paperwork is: 『住民票の転出届』, 『国民年金の手続き』,『国民健康保険の脱退手続き』 』, and『個人番号通知カードまたは個人番号カードの返納』

Do these last
- Close your bank accounts
- Cancel your phone contract

And that's it (according to my notes). Goodbye for now and thank you for reading!


  1. Thank you very much for sharing your life to us! I really really enjoyed reading your posts and you have helped me a lot (you do not even know). Looking forward to seeing posts from this blog again. Hope you're happy.

    1. Thank you for your constant comments! Hope to see you around on the internet someday soon(:

  2. Oh, Eustacia. I just discovered your blog today, many months after your staying in Japan has ended.
    Still, I'm attempting the MEXT to go to study Masters in Japan (my second year trying, but I'm keep trying!) and going to read your blog now and then for some advice regard the process to travel, staying and living on Japan.
    Hope you had a great time there and thanks for making such well-informed blog and journals!

    1. I'm glad that my blog is encouraging and I hope it's helpful. All the best for your application!


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