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Hey there! I've decided to continue blogging at a different blog. The MEXT archives and some of my travel posts will remain here, but I'll be moving some stuff over. Hope to see you there!


About this blog
This blog started because I was way too happy about getting the MEXT scholarship, became a personal blog for a while, took a side trip into learning Japanese (for a very few posts) and now is a blog about living, studying and traveling in Japan, with the occasional book/ review. I only review books about Japan here, and whatever I just bought that I love so much I want to share it with you.

About me

My name is Eustacia and I'm going to be studying in Japan from April 2012 onwards, courtesy of the Monbukagakusho (or MEXT). Initially, I thought of using this blog as a way to keep in touch with my friends and family, but then, I thought "if I'm already doing a blog, then why not take it one step further?". That's why, in addition to chronicling what I'm going through, I'm going to be posting book reviews, resources (print and websites) and other things that I think will be helpful if you want to live and/or study in Japan.

I hope that my blog will entertain you, and that by reading about my experiences here, you'll have a sense of what it's like to live and study in Japan!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

P.s. I can also be found at Inside the Mind of a Bibliophile (my book blog). Plus, if you like to reblog stuff, I'm at tumblr (A Time to be Random), where I reblog and post my instagram photos.

If you want to get in touch with me, please use the email widget on the right, comment on a post, or use Google+. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please do not message me through Facebook as I probably won't reply. I will not be notified about the messages (they go to the "Other" inbox) and I prefer to keep my Facebook account for friends and family.


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    1. Lol I still saw the comment. Is that Eugenia or Eusebius writing? And yes, I do miss you guys.

  2. thx.. what do you think for japanese language exam? how long you learnt japanese language before you got exam?

    1. Hi!

      Hmmm.... I seriously have no idea. I studied it for about two years (once a week) before the exam, but I can tell you this: I absorbed very little.

      Sorry I can't give you more details!


  3. Hi, Eustacia!
    What major did you take there??

  4. Hi, I’m an aspiring undergraduate MEXT scholar from India aiming for the engineering side, especially robotics. First of all, id like to thank you for maintaining this blog. Its been a real help so far. Id like to ask that if after the 8 month preparatory course in Japanese, can I still opt for a university course in English, or am I obligated to go with one that offers a course in Japanese? Secondly, if you have any contacts of people from my own country who are studying, or have studied in Japan through the MEXT scholarship, I would really appreciate if you could share their contact details with me. Thanks again!!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the compliments! The course is actually one year, and I have no idea about the language part! I didn't take it, and I don't know anyone who's taking that option. And yes, I do know some Indian scholars, so if you could drop me a mail through the blogger contact form, I'll forward your details to them.


  5. Hello!
    I don't have any specific questions about the application. I more or less know what I have to do and I am (most importantly) not holding my breath or having any expectations. I think with programs like these, you apply, follow the rules, try your best and don't get your hopes up. I do have a question about the financial aspect of it.
    My chief concern is that I do not have any credit cards or money set aside so I would only be relying on the living expense to survive and enjoy my time there. From what I've been reading, the universities I plan on applying to provide 144000 yen per month and tuition is waved.
    Are you provided with housing on the campus? Do you have to pay for things like electricity and water? Do students get a bus or train pass for accessing subways and getting around?

    The next question is slightly personal but:
    How's the social life there? Is it easy to make friends? I'm more of an extrovert so I tend to be the one approaching and talking to people but from what I learned in my Japanese courses, this is rather blunt and it's a very conservative environment. I also studied Japanese for two years and retained it a little better than most. My concern is whether my conversational Japanese will be enough to get to know people. (Although, and don't take this the wrong way, you're very beautiful so I'd imagine your ability to be approached will be very different from mine)

    Congratulations on your studies! Are you returning to Japan and only visiting home for the summer? Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.


    1. Hey Sonny!

      For your financial question - I'd advise you not to worry. For the first year at least, the rent is really cheap, and from the second-year onwards, you can get a part-time job (and if you don't live in Tokyo, the expenses will come down). I do pay for all my electricity and gas and phone bills myself though. There are what we called "teikikan", which are tickets for certain period of time for the same distance everyday. I don't think there are general discount cards though.

      I do find it easy to make friends - but then again, I join lots of clubs. And thanks for the compliment, but I'm not that pretty(: I think that if you keep yourself approachable and friendly, you'll make a lot of friends. Most Japanese will be very glad to see someone try to speak their language and they're very helpful! (Note: this depends on location and the age group).

      I hope my answer helps (and that I've not been too vague). Please email me/comment more if you have any more questions.


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