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Hey there! I've decided to continue blogging at a different blog. The MEXT archives and some of my travel posts will remain here, but I'll be moving some stuff over. Hope to see you there!

Free Japanese Notes

I've gotten requests from +Dionysius Bryan and a few other readers for notes/textbooks, so I've decided to upload my first semester's  all my old Japanese notes for all of you.

(1)Hiragana and Katakana knowledge is required to be able to read all of these. These notes are for grammar and will not teach from romaji
(2) This is edition 6 of the notes. If there are unclear parts, let me know and I will correct and re-upload the notes
(3) I have other notes (such as notes of my mistakes and the correct answers. If there is a demand for them (let me know in the comments), I will upload those too. 

Blogposts about Japanese
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卒業論文 (Graduation Essays) Part I  (If you would like to read it, email me and I'll send you a PDF copy)

Old notes

1. 初級テキスト (First Textbook)
Direct Download Link (PDF)

2. 作文構成
Direct Download Link (PDF)

3. 期末試験 L16-28まとめ練習

Direct Download Link (PDF)

4. 間違い・注意点(秋学期)

Direct Link to PDF

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